OASIS Scheduling Software

OASIS is a web-based course lottery, scheduling, and administration system designed for the unique needs of health science and professional schools. OASIS gives administrators, students, and faculty 24/7 access to student, course, and schedule information.  Students become actively involved via the web in building and maintaining their lottery selections and schedules, completing course and faculty evaluations, and verifying their records and activities. Program and department administrators are able to configure and manage courses, distribute notices, and verify across departments if prerequisites and other requirements have been met.  OASIS directors manage a scheduling process that becomes more efficient than ever before.

COURSE Lottery IN oasis

The OASIS course lottery system replaces first-come, first-served scheduling. Students have multiple days or weeks to build their lottery selections list. They prioritize their selections, putting the courses they are most interested in at the top of the list and those that they are less interested in - or can be flexible about start dates and locations - at the bottom of the list. When the lottery begins, the students are randomized and each student is given one course from his or her selections list. This process continues until all the selections have been attempted. Randomizing students each time a course is placed helps remove the first-come, first-served bias. While results vary, typically 80+% of the courses placed are the students' first choice and 90+% are the students' first or second choice.

scheduling with OASIS

Course administrators can build and manage a complete web-based course catalog and offer structured scheduling using the built-in “course grids” feature. Features include the ability to:

virtual student services using OASIS

Schools use the Academic History module to create secure, “self-serve” access to data and documents for students and staff. Additional virtual student services include the ability to create online checklists, send notices, and conduct surveys. OASIS directors and administrators can:


OASIS is being constantly expanded and modified to meet the varied and changing needs of our clients. We would enjoy showing you how OASIS can be integrated into your school and customized to your needs, so you too can enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

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